Simone Furlani

Representing Immanence. The Aesthetic of Andrea Gotti

"The creation of a surface is simultaneous with the drawing that it permits. The sign permits, creates, renders visible the surface upon which it is drawn. Prior to the sign, the surface - that subsequently seems to be irs support - does not exist". Throught the analysis of Gott's paintings, this volume proceeds to show how, considering the primacy of the sign over the image, subjet and reality turn out to be derivative terms, stemming from a more fundamental dimension, tha of a becoming that precedes their constitution. That art which intends to restore this dimension is therefore called upon to remain immanent to reality, freeing itself as far as possible from any claim to mimesis or formal autonomy.

  • Simone Furlani

    Simone Furlani is a researcher in Theoretical Philosophy at the Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici e del Patrimonio Culturale of the University of Udine (Italy). He is author of several monographs on philosophical developments after classic German Idealism with particular regard to aesthetics and transcendental philosophy.
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titolo: Representing Immanence. The Aesthetic of Andrea Gotti
autore: Simone Furlani
editore: Forum
luogo di pubblicazione: Udine
anno di pubblicazione: 2017
collana: Tracce. Itinerari di ricerca/Area umanistica e della formazione
formato: cm 14x21
pagine: 76
immagini: col.
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ISBN: 978-88-3283-002-6

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