A cura di Antonella Riem Natale e John Thieme

Ecology and Partnership Studies in Anglophone Literatures

This volume explores the relationship between ecology and literature thanks to the contributions of renowned international and national scholars. The environmental issue and the various forms of relation between human beings and non-human nature are investigated through critical analyses of literary works from Australia to Canada, from the Caribbean and United States to Great Britain. In line with the biocultural partnership paradigm developed by Riane Eisler and central to the work of the Partnership Studies Group founded at the University of Udine, the essays gathered in this book aim at challenging the binary thinking that separates humans from nature while fostering more dialogical interactions and, at the same time, stimulating in the reader a deeper environmental awareness.


Introduction: John Thieme. Contributors: Antonella Riem Natale, Caterina Colomba, Mattia Mantellato, David Lucking, Roslyn Jolly, Paul Kane, Elisa Bertoldi, Catherine Noske, Nunziana Mastrangelo.

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titolo: Ecology and Partnership Studies in Anglophone Literatures
curatori: Antonella Riem Natale e John Thieme
editore: Forum
luogo di pubblicazione: Udine
anno di pubblicazione: 2020 (2021, I ristampa)
collana: All
formato: cm 15x21
pagine: 176
prezzo versione cartacea: 18,00 € sconto 5%
ISBN: 978-88-3283-206-8

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