The Real Wealth of Nations

This is the first Italian translation of The Real Wealth of Nations. Creating a Caring Economics (2007) by the American anthropologist and social activist Riane Eisler, which continues the study and research work conducted by the Partnership Studies Group established at the University of Udine in 1988. The book focuses on what the author defines as ‘partnership economy’, essential to promote a more peaceful, sustainable and fairer society that can help us cultivate the true wealth of our nations, the cultures, the people, the individuals and nature. Eisler presents us with an innovative vision of living together, envisaging a new system that develops partnership rather than dominator relationships, according to the ‘cultural transformation theory'. This pragmatic and revolutionary theory, incredibly current if we look at the crisis our planet is experiencing, sets the framework in which the writer deals with other topics of great relevance. In particular, Eisler underlines the importance of training and preparing young people to a multilingual and intercultural education, mutual respect and understanding through the adoption of serious policies that can shape the future citizens of the world.