Riane Eisler

Il Calice e la Spada

La civiltà della Grande Dea dal Neolitico ad oggi
Riane Eisler proposes a new theory of cultural evolution based on two models: the androcratic, violent and authoritarian (symbolised by the blade), and that of partnership or gylanic (the chalice), founded on the mutual cooperation between men and women, who are considered equal, even if with different roles. Demonstrating that war among human beings and between the sexes is not divinely or biologically ordained, and that the ‘masculine’/androcratic model is not the only social and cultural option we have, the author searches in our past (also archaeological) for instruments to build a better future, a new and different civilisation, able to resist fundamentalisms and barbarity and establish an equitable and peaceful relationship between different ethnicities and genders. This third Italian edition is enriched by a special epilogue, written by Eisler for the occasion, which is a result of the fruitful and long-standing cooperation with the Partnership Studies Group of the University of Udine. Moreover, for the first time, the book offers an interesting and useful partnership glossary, compiled by Stefano Mercanti, an essential tool for deepening our awareness of how we think and what we say in order to promote and live in a culture of partnership. The Chalice and the Blade was translated in numerous languages and more than 500.000 copies have been sold.
titolo: Il Calice e la Spada
sottotitolo: La civiltà della Grande Dea dal Neolitico ad oggi
autore: Riane Eisler
editore: Forum
luogo di pubblicazione: Udine
anno di pubblicazione: 2011 (2020, V ristampa)
collana: All
formato: cm 15x21
pagine: 416
prezzo versione cartacea: 25,00 € sconto 5%
ISBN: 978-88-8420-680-0

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