A cura di Antonella Riem Natale

Sapienze antiche all'incrocio di mondi

Anam Ċara
This book is the result of two international conferences: ‘Moving Subjects. Immigration and emigration in cinema, literature, art and society’ and Anam Ċara. Poetry, wisdom and women of peace’ and is based on a multidisciplinary, creative, collaborative workshop of partnership. It records tales of ancient traditions, critical reflections and considerations on migratory movements and present-day migrants in Friuli, a place which has always been at the crossroads between different worlds. It provides authentic moments of dialogue between civilizations in words that are at the same time poetic, passionate and socially committed. Anam Ċara, which in Irish means ‘soul friend’, teacher and spiritual guide, is an act of recognition and belonging. It lights up that rich meeting place of the cultural, individual and ‘glocal’, showing them to be a source, not of mere profit, but of outstanding value.
titolo: Sapienze antiche all'incrocio di mondi
sottotitolo: Anam Ċara
curatore: Antonella Riem Natale
editore: Forum
luogo di pubblicazione: Udine
anno di pubblicazione: 2006
collana: All
formato: cm 15x21
pagine: 200
allegati: dvd
prezzo: 20,00 € sconto 10%
ISBN: 978-88-8420-328-1

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